Finishing a novel is the first step in your journey towards publication. In order to make your story shine and catch the attention of an agent or editor, most manuscripts will benefit greatly by undergoing an in-depth edit by a professional in the industry.

Whether you are preparing to pitch agents on a traditional track or taking the self-publishing route, our services will elevate the quality of your work and increase your chances for success. The Hurst & Reed editorial staff work with a wide spectrum of authors in every stage of manuscript preparation, ranging from those taking the first step in their writing career, all the way up to bestselling authors who are often referred through major publishing imprints and literary agencies.

Andrea and Katie have extensive experience editing in a multitude of genres and levels. Many of our clients have continued on to achieve successful careers in the publishing industry. Our mission as editors is to provide supportive, honest, and knowledgeable feedback on your book to help strengthen it, while also preserving your voice and vision. Ultimately, we want authors to enter the revision process feeling inspired, confident, encouraged, and motivated about their work—utilizing our professional, quality edits to guide them along the way.

What makes our services stand out from the rest?

  • As agents, professionally-trained developmental editors, and bestselling authors, our editorial team brings a diversified perspective to the process to give your book well-rounded and extensive editorial feedback.

  • We are always available to answer your questions throughout our collaboration. We follow up each developmental edit and assessment with a detailed written report. Phone consults are also available upon request.

  • As literary agents and scouts, Andrea, Katie, Sean, and Lydia have an insider's understanding of common reasons why manuscripts get rejected.

  • Writing is a personal journey, and the process of sharing your book with an editor can be daunting at times. We know that. That’s why our comments are insightful, thorough, and above all—respectful!

What do we offer?

A developmental edit, or DE, is performed before the final copy-edit and is a crucial step in creating a more engaging and cohesive story, which will give your book its best opportunity for success. If you’re an author looking for an edit that addresses the entire literary makeup of your manuscript, this is the service for you.

Our DE focuses on the following areas:

  • Opening hook
  • Overall structure and content
  • Plot holes and inconsistencies
  • Believability
  • Pacing and reader engagement
  • Character arc development
  • Point of view
  • Showing vs. telling
  • Marketability and genre fit
  • Dialogue and voice
  • And more

At the end of our collaboration, you will receive detailed notes within the manuscript and a comprehensive editorial report with valuable insights and guidance for your revisions. Upon request, an edit of your query letter, book proposal, and/or synopsis can be included for an additional fee.

An editorial assessment covers all of the same areas as a developmental edit. The key difference with this service is there are no edits or notes within the manuscript itself, but you will still receive a detailed and comprehensive report at the end of the process to pinpoint areas for revision. This service is geared towards big picture, broad strokes considerations regarding the content of your manuscript.

We offer consulting for fiction and nonfiction authors, as well as expert guidance to take you through all aspects of your writing, editing, and publishing journey. Prices are determined on an hourly or project basis. Contact us for further information and/or to schedule an appointment.

This service specializes in all areas of narrative and prescriptive nonfiction, concentrating on content, structural issues, light line editing, marketability and audience fit, and more. Includes ongoing consulting and mentoring throughout the editorial process.

We specialize in these genres

Adult Fiction:

Upmarket, Book Club, Women’s Fiction (both Contemporary and Historical), Commercial Women’s Fiction, Romance and Memoir. In Crime Fiction, we work with Action/Suspense, Psychological Suspense and Thrillers, Mysteries and Police Procedurals. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction.

Young Adult Fiction:

Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Dystopian, Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Paranormal, Mystery/Thriller, LGBTQ+


Business, Self-Help/Personal Growth, Health and Healing, Parenting, Spirituality, Prescriptive, Memoir, and Narrative.

To check on availability and reserve an editorial spot, or for specific questions about your manuscript,
please contact Andrea at:

NOTE: We do not offer literary representation to authors that we have worked with
privately or in a consulting capacity, as this could present a conflict of interest

Thank you for understanding!