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In response to the rapidly changing publishing climate, and to continue to help authors realize their publishing goals and dreams, Andrea has expanded her professional services to writers not represented in her literary management division. Whether you are seeking traditional publishing or exploring self publishing, it is crucial to have a professionally polished manuscript, proposal and pitch materials, and an exceptional marketing plan. There is always room at the top for the best, and that is what we can help you to achieve…the best book possible.

Thanks to my developmental editor, Andrea Hurst, who suggested ALL THE CHANGES. She made me rewrite the stuff that sucked until it didn’t, and it’s a much better novel for that.

~Marko Kloos bestselling author of Terms of Enlistment and the Frontline Series.

ANDREA HURST – President of Andrea Hurst & Associates


Andrea works with both bestselling and emerging new authors to help polish their book, obtain publication, increase sales, and build their author brand.

Andrea brings over 25 years experience in the industry. She is a developmental book editor for publishers and authors, a bestselling Amazon author, an instructor for the MFA creative writing program at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, and a webinar presenter for Writers’ Digest.  As a literary agent, she selectively represents high profile adult nonfiction and well-crafted fiction. Her clients and their books have appeared on the Oprah Show, Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, National Geographic network, and in the NY Times.

For serious writers and professionals in need of assistance editing, developing, and evaluating their book for publication and beyond, she offers the services listed on the right side of the page.

To contact: info@andreahurst.com

Thanks so much, Andrea. I think if I hadn’t found you I might have thrown in the towel with my novel. Once again, thank you for your clarity, objectivity and guidance.

~ Sandy Flanders, author of Night Harvest


GENEVA AGNOS – Chief Operating Officer of Andrea Hurst & Associates


Geneva has 15 years of experience in management and implementation consulting. She is responsible for the functionality of the business and overall office management operations.

To contact: geneva.agnos.va@gmail.com




SEAN FLETCHER – Director of Author Services, Developmental Editor, and Agent Scout


Sean is in the Texas office and works directly with Andrea as an agent scout along with managing editorial and consulting services for clients.

During his bachelor’s program at Tarleton State University, he studied the craft of fiction extensively and completed four practice novels before embarking on his professional writing career.

Sean primarily focuses in developmental book editing in the areas of adult and YA fiction, specializing in the following genres: Sci-Fi, fantasy, thriller, and most areas of contemporary fiction. Sean assists authors in building multidimensional characters, engaging plots, original voices, and deep themes across all age groups. When not writing or editing he can be found out hiking, biking or traveling.

To contact: Sean@andreahurst.com


STEPHANIE MESA – Literary Agent


Stephanie works senior literary agent out of the South Florida office. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a Certificate in Professional and Public Writing from Florida International University. When working with clients, along with helping to build their career as an author, she assists with brainstorming innovative digital marketing strategies including social media content, and developmental editing.

Stephanie has worked as an agent and panelist at many writer’s conferences including the Writer’s Digest Conference, TMCC, and the Seattle Writing Workshop. And has participated as a judge for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association RISING STAR Award. Stephanie reviews online queries to scout for the agencies next bestseller. She primarily focuses in the areas of adult and YA fiction, specializing in the following genres: women’s fiction, romance, contemporary fiction, mystery, thriller, and suspense.

In her free time, Stephanie can either be found curled up on her couch with her corgi and a book in hand, baking her favorite chocolate brownies, or exploring local bookstores.

To contact: stephanie@andreahurst.com

We do not offer representation to authors that we have worked with privately or in a consulting capacity, as this could be a conflict of interest.

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Working with Andrea and Sean has been a wonderful experience. There are a lot of editors who can look at your work for content and make sure it “looks right.” It is rare to find someone who can help capture the heart of your story and help you make it something to be truly proud of.

~ Dr. Sean Adleman – Novelist

Faith in our contemporary culture is a wonder to behold, and abiding faith a miracle. Working with Andrea continues to be a Psalm of Faithfulness. She is passionate, confident, meticulous, and, most importantly, immeasurably generous. I am blessed to work with Andrea–she remains a marvelous guide and ally.

~ Gloria Burgess, PhD, Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside

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