"Andrea Hurst is a miracle worker. I credit her with teaching me how to write a thriller. She has a fantastic eye for pacing and structure, and I am forever grateful for her brilliant editing skills."
~Lyn Liao Butler, Amazon bestselling author of Someone Else's Life

Editorial Clients

“Andrea and I have worked together on an astonishing 22 of my novels for my publisher, Lake Union/Amazon Publishing. Originally hired by the publisher to do developmental edits, I’ve asked for Andrea time and time again. It really eases the strain of the editing process to have the consistent help of a developmental editor I know and trust, and I always get a better book for it. That’s 22 improved books!”

~Catherine Ryan Hyde - Bestselling Author of more than 45 published and forthcoming books.

"Andrea Hurst is a miracle worker. I credit her with teaching me how to write a thriller. She has a fantastic eye for pacing and structure, and I am forever grateful for her brilliant editing skills."

~ Lyn Liao Butler, Amazon bestselling author of Someone Else's Life

“I was fortunate enough to work with Andrea on my last novel and her developmental edits were invaluable. She helped improve every aspect of the manuscript, including plot, pacing, characters, and theme. Her insights were razor sharp, finding ways to strengthen the book while maintaining my own voice and vision. A lot of folks call themselves developmental editors, but Andrea Hurst is the real deal, and any author who works with her will emerge with a vastly improved manuscript.”

~ Ellen Meister, author of Divorce Towers

“I had the great pleasure of working with Andrea as my developmental editor on the Harmony Black series, published by 47North. Andrea opened my eyes to what a developmental editor can bring to the writing process: her insights were timely, on-point, and she worked with me to elevate these stories in a way that focused on the intended audience and improved them far beyond the initial drafts. A good developmental editor is like a skilled navigator on a ship: as the author, you're still the captain, but they provide insight and information that will guide your journey to the right port. I still use lessons I learned from Andrea to this very day.”

~ Craig Schaefer, author of the Harmony Black and Daniel Faust series

“Thanks to my developmental editor, Andrea Hurst, who suggested ALL THE CHANGES. She made me rewrite the stuff that sucked until it didn’t, and it’s a much better novel for that.”

~ Marko Kloos, bestselling author of Terms of Enlistment and the Frontline Series

“Special thanks to Andrea Hurst, my superb developmental editor and fellow animal lover, who applies both sensitivity and a tough eye to make my books better, faster, stronger.”

~ Nancy Herkness, bestselling, award-winning author of The Place I Belong and the Whisper Horse Series

“I had a wonderful experience working with Andrea Hurst on two of my novels. She was thoughtful in her editorial comments, communicated clearly and effectively, and had a keen eye for spotting plot holes. I highly recommend her as an editor. ”

~ Margot Hunt, author of THE GUESTS and LOVELY GIRLS. (Whitney Kelley)

“Katie Reed has been a phenomenal partner in my writing journey. First and most importantly, I feel like Katie values me as an individual writer – she seeks to understand my purpose and my style for any project, and works with me to accomplish my goals for my writing. She truly gets my writing, so her feedback feels all the more meaningful and on point. Her feedback on my manuscripts always add depth I don’t even know I’m lacking. She understands what a book needs – how characters and structure and backstory and conflict all work together to turn an idea into a powerful, moving story. I’m so grateful for Katie’s knowledge and supportive approach.”

~ Erica Sage, author of Jacked Up

“Katie has that wonderful combination of an eye for detail, and a mind for plot. Her notes were enlightening without being intrusive, and when discussing potential ways to improve the story she offered suggestions that not only helped, but didn’t deviate from how I wanted to tell the story. When working with an editor it’s important they support and strengthen the book’s original vision, while offering guidance and feedback that helps you improve it, and Katie does just that exceptionally well. Her notes and advice not only helped improve the novel I was working on, but informed how I thought about my plots moving forward. ”

~ Sean Fletcher, author of the Heir of Dragons series

“I worked with Katie Reed on my third novel and can honestly say I will only write a book with her collaboration in the future. She is a story and genre guru. She knows how to challenge an author to make the book the best it can be while respecting and magnifying the author’s voice and vision.”

~ Teri Case, Finding Imogene

“Here’s what I love most about Katie’s editing – she understands how to improve your story while making sure it stays true to your vision. I think my greatest example of this was when Katie edited my first ever book, Secrets of The Tally. While other editors would tell me, “You need to create a romance between your male and female main characters,” Katie was the one who respected the fact that romance wasn’t in my vision, and suggested helpful ways to strengthen their intended relationship instead. She understands story structure on a large scale and can help you find where to add more tension, strengthen character progression, improve the reader-character connection, and much more, all while staying true to the story you want to tell. To me, the mark of a good editor is somebody who can recommend improvements based on more than simply their personal preference. Katie’s edits are enormously helpful, as well as thorough, and always tactfully delivered so it’s an all-around positive experience.”

~ Halie Fewkes Damewood, Author of The Tally series

“My writing life pivoted the day Andrea Hurst and Katie Reed edited my third novel, which has since been recognized by two national book awards thanks to their efforts. Andrea's and Katie's creative minds, and collaborative and insightful approaches to editing have changed my writing life. I plan to work with them on every book I write.”

~ Teri Case, Finding Imogene

"In an editor, I look for someone well-read, skilled, and talented, but even more than that, someone whose suggestions and vision I can trust. Katie ticks all the boxes and more, and I'm a lucky guy to have her leveling up my books."

~ Boo Walker, bestselling author of An Echo in Time 

“I hired Andrea Hurst and Associates to do an evaluative edit on my manuscript. The follow-up meeting (included in the price) was full of exciting ideas, possibilities and valuable suggestions. The expertise and care that Andrea gave this project will help me get my life’s work off my desk and into the public’s hands where it belongs. Thank you!”

~ Steven Keeler, MFT, Memoir Writer

“Andrea gets my writing and my voice in a way that no other editor has, and her insight is incredible. I’ve worked with her on several books now—both fiction and memoir—and with each one she has helped bring a depth to my work that has really made the books shine. She is my go-to developmental editor, and I am so thankful for her expertise!”

~ Juliette Sobanet, bestselling author of Meet Me in Paris

“Andrea has been fantastic in helping me clarify my writing goals. She was able to help me focus on the direction I wanted to take my novel and provide inspiration to achieve my dream!”

~ Mari Anoran, Paranormal Novelist

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrea this last year and have been extremely satisfied with the assistance I’ve received utilizing her consulting services. Her editing and insight have been invaluable towards improving and fine tuning my story. Andrea provided fresh eyes to see the holes and weak spots I wasn’t able to see on my own. She’s professional and encouraging as well as supportive. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for additional guidance.”
~ C.K. Brumfield