The First Fifty

Put Your Author Career On The Fast Track

Boost Your Chance for Publishing Success

In traditional publishing, getting a book deal is more competitive than ever. Literary agents and acquisition editors have less time to evaluate new submissions, especially from first time authors. As a result, many only look at the first 50 pages or less, a brief plot synopsis, and your author platform. If the material does not impress them, the book will be rejected.

For self-published authors, Amazon’s preview of your novel’s first chapters to potential buyers can make or break a sale. After readers buy a book, if they are not hooked fairly early, they can return it and your overall reviews can suffer.

THE FIRST FIFTY helps you over the submission hurdle and onto the serious reading pile for agents and editors. For self-published authors it increases your chance of making a sale. Andrea brings extensive acquisition experience with major New York publishing houses and prominent literary agencies to offer this effective and affordable service.

First 50 Package –$500

After signing up for the service you will be asked to send the first fifty pages of your manuscript and the following:

For traditional:

  • Query with author bio
  • 1-2 page plot synopsis

For self-published:

  • Back cover copy or product description
  • Author bio

Included are 50 pages read/evaluated and a full content/developmental edit marked in track changes, a brief written report, and a twenty-minute phone consult with Andrea. Materials must be DOUBLE-SPACED, 12 pt Times New Roman.

For a COMPLETE MANUSCRIPT, including a full developmental edit of the book and publishing materials, as well as a written report and phone consultation, the prices start at $0.04 per word.

You can add on a Fast-Track Marketing Makeover which examines the branding and presentation of your books to make the most of your marketing. The Marketing Makeover looks at what you have done in your marketing efforts and where you could improve and move forward.

I appreciated your perspective as a successful literary agent who knows the ins and outs of the publishing business, as well as a bestselling author who understands how challenging the writing process can be.

~ A.O., Novelist

“…My deep appreciation that you take the time to walk beginning writers though the ever changing world of publishing. It is something you could so easily dismiss with your busy schedule.”

~ Beverly, Author

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