San Francisco Writers Conference, Day 1

Today marked the official beginning of yet another sold out San Francisco Writers Conference at the lovely Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill. Michael, Elizabeth, Laurie, Linda (and the countless I cannot name), you have done wonders to make this a nonstop whirlwind of success for all parties involved. And it really was nonstop, exhausting even, from the time I arrived to the time I escaped, nearly 12 hours later.

I joke. I had a great time. Though it can be a bit intense at times, I very much enjoy meeting people at these things. Yes, I am looking for acquisitions, but I am also looking to answer questions and help people who are passionate about their craft become better writers. If you see me at a conference or take one of my classes, feel free to take full advantage of that opportunity. I wasn’t kidding today when I said all you have to do is ask. I will respond, and if I’m not otherwise engaged, we can have a nice, civil conversation. Please, keep it civil. Being an agent at a writers conference means throwing myself into a shark tank, and I will blog later on how to effectively and appropriately nibble from that meal. Remember that agents are people too, and we have our limits like anyone else.

Along those lines, I am right now asking myself one question: After such a long and hectic day, what am I doing blogging? Those of you who were lucky enough to sit in on Stephanie Chandler’s session today know the importance of keeping up an online readership and just how much your readers appreciate what you provide. Show that you appreciate them as well by posting often and giving them something useful. I appreciate you, gentle reader. And if you don’t find this useful, I’m sorry. I am quite tired. It will get better, I promise.

All in all, it was a wonderful first day. My fiction agents panel went well, and I’m looking forward to continuing on tomorrow. I will be moderating a panel on using setting to create a compelling story. Authors in that panel include: Cara Black, Fan Wu and Kemble Scott. It should be great fun. I hope I to see you there.


  1. Gordon,
    You and one other editor made a warm introduction to the whole process. She said the same thing, that she goes to those things attempting to give the most helpful advice possible. Some others just looked bored though they were rare. It must be hard not to become jaded by the process.

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