NEW – The AUTHORNOMICS Interview Series

With a publishing industry that is ever in flux, it can be hard for an aspiring author to figure out what information is relevant and what they need to do to be successful. Recognizing this, literary agent Andrea Hurst and writer and blogger Katie Flanagan, will be introducing a series of weekly interviews with publishing industry specialists. The AUTHORNOMICS Interview Series will feature literary agents, editors, authors, marketing experts and more, all talking about their opinions on the publishing industry, the craft of writing, and what an author needs to know.

Check back on Monday, June 20th for the first segment with literary agent Laurie McLean from Larsen Pomada agency.

From Andrea:

Everywhere I go these days, writers, agents, and publishers are talking about what is happening to the publishing world. There is a lot of speculation, changing roles, and changing rules. As a literary agent and published author, I have spent a good deal of time focusing on just what is going to remain stable amidst this reconstruction. Agents have been the gatekeepers for a long time, the people in charge of quality control. We scout for the best books and pitch them to the best publishers. What are the magical ingredients that propel us to sign an author? Without fail, it is still a book that hooks us early and never lets us go. For me personally it is a story I cannot put down, a quality of writing that is distinguishable, a voice that haunts me. An author that knows the publishing business and has taken the time to learn their craft, whether fiction or nonfiction, will jump off the page at me. But now, more than ever, I am looking for a strong platform and online presence even with novelists.

I am not an expert in the social media realm, so I spoke to my author Derrick Sutton about his new online marketing book and what he saw as the future for promoting and selling books whether published mainstream or indie. What I learned is that there are many incredible opportunities now for writers to get their books published and sold without ever leaving home. I believe it will take an equal partnership of quality writing, business expertise, and marketing savvy for an author to succeed in this digital age of publishing.  Writers will need to be experts in Authornomics – and so this interview series will address all the topic areas you need to know to ride the new wave of publishing successfully.



  1. What a wonderful idea. I’m anxious to learn all I can from agents, editors, authors, and marketing experts about the craft of writing and the publishing industry. Thank you so much for this service.

  2. This is very needed. Sometimes I feel like I’m plodding around in a swamp with no clear idea about what I should be doing or where I need to go. Thanks.

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