Developmental Editing

The developmental edit, or DE, is performed before the final copy edit and proofreading stage. Some writers skip this crucial phase, which tackles the big picture issues of their story and it reflects in the quality of the final product. Our developmental edits focus on the entire composition of your manuscript with the goal of helping you create a more engaging and cohesive story, to give your book the best opportunity for success.

A DE addresses the following areas:

  • Plot holes and inconsistencies
  • Structure and organizational flaws
  • Believability issues
  • Character arc development
  • Point of view and head-hopping
  • Pacing and reader engagement
  • Opening hook
  • Showing vs. telling
  • Stilted dialogue
  • Data dumps and excessive backstory
  • Voice and genre
  • Endings and resolution
  • Marketability

We specialize in the following genres:

  • Adult: Upmarket Women’s Fiction, both Contemporary and Historical; Commercial Women’s Fiction & Romance; Paranormal; Action/Suspense/Thrillers; Sci-Fi; Urban Fantasy; and Memoir.
  • Young Adult: Contemporary; Sci-Fi/Dystopian; Fantasy; Romance; Historical; Paranormal; LGBTQ; Mystery/Thriller

What you receive: Your work will be returned with edits marked in Track Changes within the manuscript. Also included will be an editorial evaluation of your manuscript, query letter, author bio, and synopsis.

How to submit: Please email manuscripts formatted as follows:

  • Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point font
  • Double spaced
  • Numbered pages

To get started, or for specific questions on your manuscript, please contact Andrea at

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