Author blogging presentation with Tom Masters at Just Write

The house is packed at Local Grown Coffee on the Coupeville pier for Tom Masters and his presentation on author blogging. Tom is a local expert on online marketing and the author of Blog to Book, available on Amazon.

Wherever I go, I am constantly telling writers to establish their online presence. These days, even if you are writing fiction, you need to show your prospective agent and publisher that you have and can reach an established audience. You need a platform. Not only do readers need to be waiting for your kind of book, but they need to be waiting for it specifically from you.

Blogging, social media and author websites are necessary to establish such a platform and get the kind of attention that your book needs to stand a chance. If you are looking to publish and be successful, I highly recommend that you educate yourself and jump into the world of modern book promotion. Tom’s books are great for that, as are Stephanie Chandler’s. The Author’s Guide to Building an Online Platform is one of my favorites. There are plenty of online resources, as well.

Tom is wrapping up his presentation. I’ll see you next Wednesday at 3pm when I’ll be speaking at Just Write at Local Grown Coffee on the Coupeville pier.

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  1. This is exactly the information I needed! I’ve been floundering around within the many sites writers have forwareded to me, not knowing in what direction I should turn.

    Now I have an outline of the main points and am excited to build my own blog for my own book!

    Even with the technical glitch, I thought Tom’s presentation was excellent.

    Thank you!


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