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Andrea-HurstAs most of my readers know, the new year 2015 brings exciting changes to Andrea Hurst & Associates and our literary management division. After thirteen years as a high-profile literary agent, I am semi-retiring from the agent division of my business. The agency will still retain a few of our bestselling authors, including Dr. Bernie Siegel, Hannah Jayne, Penny Warner, James Fraioli and our James Beard Award-winning chefs among others. But beginning January 15, 2015, we will no longer be accepting new queries or clients for representation.

With almost 30 years’ experience in various areas of the publishing and entertainment business, I will continue to work with new and seasoned fiction and nonfiction authors as a developmental/content editor, publishing consultant, and a self-publishing expert. Many of my current clients are referred through major publishing imprints and literary agents. My expertise as a writer, editor, and agent allows me to see the whole picture with a keen and sensitive eye when editing a manuscript.

Following one of my long-time passions, I will continue to pursue my own writing career. My first novel, The Guestbook, is an Amazon bestseller, with the second book of the trilogy, Tea & Comfort, to be released in 2015. After years of working within the traditional publishing system, writing, self-publishing, and marketing three novels over the last few years has given me a true education on the many options in today’s publishing world.

I encourage every writer out there to do the work and follow your dream to be a published and well-read author. When I put out my first novel, I would have been happy to have 10 people read it and like it. I now have almost 1,000 reviews on Amazon. People write me every day asking for the next book, and it still amazes me. The years of finding time, polishing my craft, taking chances, and never giving up have paid off for me with a rewarding experience. I was lucky enough to find an incredible team of editors, designers, and marketing experts to work with and to have my books supported by fellow authors.

Times are changing in the publishing business, and for many of us it is hard to keep up and know what is coming next. A few years ago I was asked to fill out some questions for a guide to literary agents. One of the questions was: What would you be doing if you were not an agent? I wrote that I would be living on Whidbey Island and be a bestselling author. I currently live on Whidbey Island and bestselling author is certainly in sight. With change comes excitement and new opportunities, and that is the direction I am choosing to follow.

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  1. Congratulations, Andrea! So exciting to see you stepping into your dreams and encouraging the rest of us to do the same.

    It was a blessing to work with you in the past and who knows what the future holds.

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